Monday, 29 November 2010

Character Design: Nova Electus (Samurai/Hero)

With nova, I really wanted to portray the sense of power, and kindness, whilst incorporating elements of the Samurai into his futuristic design, some more obvious than others. The basic approach I took with Nova was to convey him as a 'Ronin' a master-less, or widowed warrior, and his struggle to overcome this.

I wanted to mix certain shapes together to not only evoke the feelings of a hero, but also hint at he's samurai roots, such as replacing the 'Kabuto' (Helmet) with a more raised shoulder area. In regards to his physique, although he does wear 'power armour' I wanted him to be a natural size, so the audience could relate to him on a more personal level.

Basic Shapes

From these shapes I quickly began to sketch up more definitive shapes that would  develop and combine the themes further, in particular the subtle samurai essence

 Chest Sketch Exploration

I really enjoyed where this particular image was going, although it was clear I needed to sort the edges of the armour out more, to make them less sharp, and add some more detail...

Chest Exploration

Although this again was referred to as a 'polished turd', I still feel as though this was somewhere closer to what I wanted my character to have...the detail of course would be a bit much for this project, so some adapation would be required, especially with the turnarounds. I began making more sketch's for various picies of equipment, paying attention to how they would lay on the body.

Arm Sketch Exploration

After my previous character, spending forever on his costume, I managed to quickly gras a concept of how Nova's suit would look, leaving me to move foward early on with the rest of his design.

Nova's Face

Although alot of people felt this character looked like me, I did slightly take reference from some genric male models. I tried to incorporate my own style into this face such as the link in his lip (attempting to add a futuristic style), whilst still trying to retain some realisim. I payed special attention to make his eyes wide, as well as giving him a very open face, with a chislled chin to enhance the strength of his face, as well as the kindess.

After this, I quickly moved onto to work with some some emotions the character would convey during hsi travels through the wastes, and givien the circumstances they werent very varied. I wanted this effect because it shows that he has been effected by his past, and is determined for redemption. It also lets the viewer appreciate when he really is quite happy, as though surprised

Nova's Expressions

Once I had the full figure in mind, I began to go straight in with the turnarounds, using it both as a good bases to lay my designs on, but also see how effective they really are, in hindsight to my last character's costume development/ In the turnarounds below, I paid special attention to how I could realte my character to the samurai, such as the legwear, acting as the leather plating they used, also the chest, with the two striped down either side, simmilar to the sash they wore. Finally, along side the upper neck shape, hinting at the (Kabuto) Helmet, I added the material on the side, to nod towards where the Samuai once ketp there (Daisho) Swords, as well as adding a slot for my Gunblade.

Nova's Turnarounds

With there harder part out of the way, I quickly moved onto the development of the props Nova would be using, keeping in mind the Samurai element, as well as bringing into a more tech environment, and how the two could merge.


Lacuna Saevio (Empty Rage)

This modernised interpretation of both the gun, and sword combined, enables the user's Crystallis to flow through the sword and emit it's energy across it's blade. It's secondary use fires plasma from the chamber near the handle for long-range

Mempo (Samurai Mask)

A mask used as a symbol of status by the Elite guard of the King, it is a modern take on the traditonal mask used by the Samurai of old.

Nova With Mask

After finalising the rest of the dvelopment, I then went onto show my character in it's final pose, to try and  portray he's character in the best light I possible could. Here is both the developed shape, and the final pose, which I took a more 'Sketchy' approach with.

Base Pose

Final Pose

I feel as though Nova as a Hero, isnt entirely realised yet, as I was told through my crit, it is hard to determin who in fact was my hero from my list of character. I feel however, with some more time and development, I could use my feedback to incorporate more character into Nova, as well as adhere more with Heroic traits.

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