Monday, 29 November 2010

Character Design: Outer Haven Synopsis

Centuries ago the gods smiled upon earth, bearing us with gifts of power, and magic. Many years went by as the gods enjoyed the worship of the human race, until war broke out between both the gods and humans, edged on by the darker beings of the heavens and earth, those who doubted the potential of humans.

After many years of fighting, the gods banished raw magic from the earth, casting a forbidding seal over the lands, only allowing a select ‘chosen’ few to carry out their biddings on the earth with their granted power, known only as the ancients.

Centuries past once again, and technology triumphant over the long forgotten gods. The want for power took a hold of the human race once again, and after much research and genetic exploration, the race began work on breaking the code of the gods, foretold in times past. Eventually society broke this ‘Code’, and unleashed a stream of power that had been once sealed by the gods, which lead to a gateway of possibilities for new technological and genetics advancement, now known as ‘Crystallis’.

Once again, with all power comes consequence, and for the most of it, ‘Crystallis’ was initially used for helping mankind, however, after many years of peace, and social advancement, dark forces at play broke the formed utopia, using ‘Crystallis’ as a weapon, and throwing it into chaos, and consequentially rendering a century long war upon the world, ravaging the lands with ’Crystallis’.. A century had passed since the start of the ‘Crystallis Wars’ the world had come to agreement through a treaty, that each faction of the war would have their own land, and fortify and segregate their countries from ones another, only ‘Crystallis’ irradiated wastes laying between them.

A century had passed since this treaty, and our story moves to a young man called Nova, an elite guard for the King of new Japan, the one man in the country with direct link to the gods, chosen as an ‘Ancient’. On he night of celebration for the century treaty, the king and his guard greet the crowds, and celebrate festival in peace, until several dark warriors from another land break through the seal of the city, and assassinate the king.

Nova, who noticed the figures moving towards the king, came face to face with the leader, who in turn leaves him with a parting gift, by framing him as the assassin. As the named assassin of the king, the highest order of punishment is issued, by casting him out into the wastes beyond the ‘Great Walls of Seal’.  Met by a God in the wastes, he is granted power to help redeem his name, and attempt to unite the people in his travels, and uncover why his King was assassinated.

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