Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Influence Maps - Samurai Character Research

Okay, so majorly belated, but here's my influence map for my samurai character(s)

I originally had in mind that the samurai would be the Protagonist, in contrast to the Ninja (Antagonist), on their to be a more 'personal' level between them, but I also want my samurai to be on the edges of the 'Anti-Hero'.

My reason for this is because it adds more depth, levels and faces to a character, as opposed to a plain, simple, straight forward 'good' character.

When keeping in mind what I learned from Justin, about shapes and sizes of a character, and what the traits they represent to an individual on a basic level, I found it difficult to think of as a Samurai as a good character, their big bulky presence, and battle worn attire, design the strike fear in the enemy, it's difficult to adhere to the normal conventions of a 'hero'.

Hence one of the reasons I chose a more futuristic setting, allowing me more artistic license. I wanted to reimagine the essence of a 'Samurai', bringing it more up-to-date, as you can see above, I've been mainly focusing on the key aspects of a traditonal Samurai's armour, and relating it to more 'Mech/Cyborg' and 'Power Armour'.

I feel I need to find a way to incorporate the two together in unison, with subtle indication from each ones origins, as well adapt the shapes to a more 'heroic' prescence.

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