Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Influence Maps - Weapon Character Research

It's said, that the sword of a warrior itself contains a soul. In that sense, s well as what we learned from Justin about Props/Weapons it seems vital to treat a weapon as though another 'character', as well as this being an ideal way of portraying the technology, and style of the surrounding world of characters.

That said, I really wanted to pursue a modern take on all of the traditional weapons used by both Ninja/Samurai, so here's what I came up with:

As you can see, in contrast to to more tradtional pieces, there seems to be only a few more tech/mech based weapons, with metal being the main conent. This is only to give me a good sense of what to adapt to my style and story.

I do however, have a good few idea's about what kind of weapons I want to using for my characters, some more preferenced to others, for instance:

Laser Shuriken
Double Edged Hi-Freq Kantana
Bow Beam
Tech Grenades
Laser/Mech Claws

I really love the idea of some of these weapons, they would fit perfectly to the essence of my characters, and also adhere to the traditional elements of their origins,

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