Sunday, 19 December 2010

Alpha Omega Blog Banner WIP

So I've been really wanting to brand my self for a while now, and it just so happens this would be the best time to do I've spent a few hours a day working on it from the sketched idea's, and here.s basically where I've reached so far:

I still need to work out how to do the shading/lighting, and I also crack/distress it slightly more, especially around the outer circle, I'd like to make that slightly more 'Giger' like, but I'm liking where it is at the moment. I want something powerful, and texture that reflected my style more than anything, so I kind of crossed grungy metallic textures, with more a traditional stone look, inspired by Mausoleums and architecture. I could see the centre part perhaps becoming part of an Ident, interlocking/clockwork components. I'd like to put some artificial lighting in there somewhere, perhaps a fluorescent blue/green to give it more of a modern/tech feel.

Feedback is very welcome :)


  1. Bob.

    A warning - There is no CG on this blog?

  2. Yeah, I need to update the work i've done for the group project as well as my tutorials, it's just with the lack of maya over the holidays (which will be getting sorted asap finally) it's put me back slightly, hence trying to keep myself busy in other area's till I can get back on track...