Sunday, 19 December 2010

Transcription Brief - Character Design Pipeline

Ok, from looking at the Transcription project, it's clear that this is the opportune step in the course where we begin to determine what kind of area we want to establish ourselves in the industry. Mine, has always been in character design, the main reason I took up art in the first place, although given the last project which focused primarily on Character Design, I didn't nearly do as well as what I should have. I cant quite put my finger on why, perhaps it's just because my character's were just too 'superficial' and not enough of the inner personality of each individual was shown, but it think this was mostly because I didn't explain them very well in the pitch, the thoughts were all there. Alongside this I may have been focusing on perhaps the wrong parts of the character i.e their image, but that's was just my 'arty' side coming through. Another thing that has puzzled me from the previous project was that It was stated my work was 'masturbatory' in the sense of style, however I'm all for trying different approaches to style, as well as that I thought the main purpose of the project and course was in fact, to project your own style into your work?

It has knocked my confidence somewhat.....and it's definitely an issue I need to address. I just seem to always fuck up and lose my way towards the end of a project, which frustrates me because I have alot of good idea's that never quite reach their potential, so I think my issue mainly is with time management, and the lack of a decent computer to work with (which should be sorted by January thankfully). That aside, this is the project I feel I can finally start to make a difference and start defining myself more as a CG Artist, but I'm going to me really annoying this time around and constantly ask questions about where I'm headed, and if I'm doing things right....and TRY my hardest to post my work up as I do it! Something I always neglect.

So from looking at the brief and choosing Character design, the choice for it's purpose was for either 'Film' or 'Game', keeping that in mind, I began thinking of a source material to 'Transcribe'. However, I've been itching to create something inspired from music, so I've began sifting through the 'huuuuuuge' archive I have on my computer of any songs that might fit the profile. Whilst keeping this in mind I attempted to draw up a 'Creative Pipeline' (something I feel I've been lacking in recent projects) adapting the example given on the brief, into a more detailed version of my own project. However I focused on the 'Pre-Production' section because I was unsure whether I was taking the right approach, in the right order, and I also had some questions regarding what might be expected from transcribing a character in this brief?

Here's my first first draft of what my Pre-Production Pipeline might look like:

Character Design for Game/Film Transcribed From Music

Pre-Production: Visualising The Character
  • Project Start: Song, Sounds, Lyrics
  • Source Analysis: Establish Emotional/Personal Response, Meaning within Lyrics, Sounds/Effects/Instruments/Technology, Genre/Audience with Society/Age
  • Material Purpose: Film/Game and it's Audience/Aim in the Industry/Society as a Company
  • Visual Research: Relation to Established Meanings of Piece, Imagery Evoked on Personal/Literal Level, Association with Art, Direction of Style, Analogy to Historic Imagery
  • Art Direction: Style, Colour Pallet, Shape, Time Period, World
  • Character Bio: Personal/Physical Description, Back-story, Relationships, Personality, Traits, Motives
  • Character Design Sketch's, Shapes, Body Development, Facial Development, Costume, Turnarounds, Props, Colour Pallet, Texture, Poses
  • Concept Art: Placing Character into Environment/Landscape with Action Poses to portray Character
  • Finalised Painting: Cinematic Pose with 'Poster-like' Effect, Company/Professional Branding quality
  • Modelling Orthographic's: Front/Side/Back/Top
  • Pre-Vis: Basic Model, Blocking Shapes

This is as far as I reached when I felt I needed to ask a few questions regarding the project direction....which are:

Have I got the right order of method?
I find it hard to determine what my own style is, so could someone point it out for me lol?
What is expected of either 'Game' character, or 'Film' and their differences?
In this brief, is just creating a fully resolved character in Maya adhering to the end product expected?
There was mention of the brief the 'animation' lasting 2-3 minutes. Does this mean animation is essential to the brief?
If so, what is expected in terms of animation, and how would I go about it?
What should I keep in mind for the production stage?

Sorry for all the questions, I just trying to learn from my past mistakes, and clear up any confusion I have and carry on :)

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