Monday, 24 January 2011

Looking back at the Retro-Fest....Void Canvas parts ways

Although the project went on for what seemed like forever, I am slightly sad that my group wont be working together anymore. of course there were times more often than not where we didn't agree with things, but at the same time I liked the fact that it was touch and go, and being able to create something that we all had a say in. I feel I had one of the better experiences of the narrative project than other groups, and one of my favourite experiences of this was sharing idea's with other studio members, spinning them on their head with their contributions,  and genuinly getting excited about each other's work. From this experience, I feel I've grasped how a CG group should work, and I'm actually looking foward to another oppurtunity to do so.

I do feel as though I didn't put as much effort and time into the Maya production side of things, in that respect I took a back seat and played more of a design role in the group project, and thought I have work that I feel I've improved with, this was the opportunity to step my game up in the Maya world, with support from my group, which I never took advantage of, I feel this is possibly because I didn't want to let anyone down in terms of my skills, but I realise now this project should have been more about learning then playing to my strengths.

Finaly I would just like to thank Yola, Ethan and Earl for putting up with me, and helping to put together a great piece of work as VOID CANVAS!

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  1. Sure was great Bob :) ANd ha d a thorough look at the making of, and it is brilliant, love how you've worked it out and all the descriptions. hope you're getting the award for it :)