Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Maya Experiment: Using Hand Painted Textures

Here's an experiment i've been waiting to try out, with hand painted acrylic textures taking from my Journal Development book, where I keep my personal research and develop outside of the course. Using left over paint from certain images I've created, I always tend to use the remaining unused paint, by placing a colour ground on a page in my book, I feel it's such a terrible waste haha. Some of the pages I use as ground for other images and text, usually have notes written on the already, from past lectures , so it adds quite a nice quality I feel.

Before I covered some of my more recent grounds in my book, I thought it would be worth scanning them and perhaps using them as an experiment for maya as possible textures, leaving them raw and unedited to find a nice effect.

Here are the scanned textures, most of which are green from my 'Epitaph' painting's leftovers:

 Here's is the result of a few of the textures, with bump maps also, applied to a simple sphere shapes.

I feel these look pretty nice, though properly lighting and some adjustments could really make them pop. Any feedback of how I could go about this would be appreciated :)

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