Friday, 28 January 2011

Maya Experiment: Using Hand Painted Textures Part II

Ok, so here's another attempt at trying to experiment with hand painted textures in maya. I adjusted all of the bump maps, making the darker parts lighter and more grey-scaled in comparison, so there is more of an overall texture, taking away some of the flatness of the dark sections, giving a fuller sense of texture. By adding a dust and speckle filter, and blurring out some of the more 'grainy' textures, I was able to cancel out some of 'braile' effect.

Although the sphere shape has warped the texture, it still shows the bump mapping around the surface to some degree, though I think it may be more effective on a flat surface, a plane for instance.. I think proper lighting would futher bring out a better effect of these.

*Note* Blogger appears to take out some of the finer details of the bump mapping :(


  1. Hey there Bob, these are some nice textures, how are you getting on with the maya tutorials?

  2. Just noticed the writing on the pinkish one.... that is nice.

  3. Hi simon, thanks! I think I need to adjust these a bit more so there slightly more noticiable!

    I've just finished the arms today on the character, so I'll be cracking on with the head inbetween the first stages of Transcription :)