Sunday, 23 January 2011

Refresher of my contributions to Void Canvas Part I

I was initially going to post a bi-weekly summary of my progress with Void Canvas, but I started to feel like I began to repeat myself posting similar work in both blogs, so I let my personal blog take the back seat for a while, and waited for the right moment.

Towards the end of the Void Canvas' Attack Of The 50ft Alien From Toyland Post-Production, I began work on a 'Making Of' book, where I summarised what work people created from Pre-Production, straight through to Post-Production, acting as though a visual pipeline of our development and detailing our thought process.

From these pages, I felt It would be more appropriate to post the sections I had a part in, as thought I making of from my point of view:

Alongside these, there was of course the fabled 'Toyland Sign' which took far too long for too long for me to complete, as well as some other loose ends such as texturing, and the ident, as well as the final piece itself, which I'll include in the next post.

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