Monday, 24 January 2011

Refresher of my contributions to Void Canvas Part II

In regards to the toyland sign, my scene/work overlapped slightly into Earls toy factory, so without claiming it as my own, here's some versions of the sign, along with the end results with one of our 300 dpi stills of the toyland factory, and our work in unison.

Design Concept


Texture/Shader Development

In-Scene Version

Still Of Toyland

Although this took me a while to produce, I was also playing the part of 'texturer' for some of the group, which I really quite enjoyed, and felt I learnt alot in terms of making them suitable for maya. Here's a selection of the textures I created:

 Welcome Sign




Alien Leg Claws

Alien Leg Skin

 Harpo Box Cheerful

Harpo Box Neglected

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