Saturday, 8 January 2011

Transcription (Music/Character) Idea's Part I

Preferably I wanted the go ahead from my pipeline post about how to approach this project, taking the idea of creating a character inspired by music, but unfortunately this hasn't happened, so I'll carry on with the assumption that it seems to be an adequate subject to chase....

Because I've been itching to actually create something based from music in CG, I've got quite a few songs in mind, however I've attempted to narrow down the amount somewhat, each hopefully conveying a very different type of genre....I feel I've become really paranoid about plateauing in style and being trapped by it, so I could really use a hand in trying to steer away from that if that is the case....

So here are some songs I had in mind, and the general idea's of the direction I feel each would take me in...

Nature Boy
David Bowie

I chose this song, from the Moulin Rouge because I felt it was such a powerful, theatrical song that is infused with a deep, emotional chill. When listening to this song, and thinking about the lyrics, I imagine a character who has been seen many journey's, and had many experiences...almost an adventurer of sorts, however a great sense of sadness and reflection overwhelms the character, perhaps as though they had suffered a loss of sorts, and has grown wise/stern/cold//matured from this, as though when they first began their journey's there were quite inexperienced, and naive. In that respect I can't help but shake the feeling this character should have a very 'theatrical/whimsical' approach in terms of style.

Nature Boy

Whilst I retain the same sort of character profile as the version before, this song I feel takes that, and puts a very peculiar/creepy/mysterious edge to it, making it seem slightly darker.

Outsider (Apocolypse Mix)
A Perfect Circle

From a personal response this song has a very powerful, mechanically dark sense of destruction, both lyrically and musically. Keeping this in mind, I imagine a character who lives in an apocalyptic period, and bore witness to the downfall of the world they knew. In order to embrace this new world (which I feel should follow a very industrial/robotic style), they have adapted to their environment as means of survival, having to fight off enemies daily, whatever their agenda...However, I'm undecided whether it would be a human, synthetic or some other form of being, but I'm sure they would have some form of technology and be a wastelander/scavanger of sorts.

Under My Feet

This song I feel as a very modern sound, that evokes the sense of a fantasy soundtrack, perhaps because of the elegant harmonising. This I found a very interesting aspect of the song, as well as the meaningful lyrics. What I see in this song is a warrior, of sorts who has excluded himself from society, for reason unknown as of yet. The character sufferers from some sort of inner turmoil (perhaps because of past events) whilst embarking on an epic journey/quest to save someone/soul search/find new beginnings, whilst perhaps including some sort of love element. Stylistically , I imagine a very cool colour palette, with vast landscapes incorporating this. Although I mentioned the Modern Fantasy feel to the song, I don't really feel I have a 'genre' for this to fit into just yet, thought I want the character's personality to be more 'emotionally' explored, rather than 'physically' at this moment.

These are just some brainstorming thoughts that I didnt want to get to wrapped up in, incase I wasnt on the right path. I think I've finally really realised where I went wrong on my last character project, the fact there was no character, and it simply was just drawings. So some feedback would be very welcome as how to avoid this once again :)


  1. Hey Bob - i guess the opening line of this post is a reference to the fact that neither Alan or I have responded yet to your transcription ideas... this is due, in part, because Alan and I are still waiting for you to demonstrate some 'self-knowledge' about the gulf between your aspirations and your technical skills. What I'm getting from all your posts is your apparent inability to face up to the deficit in your Maya proficiency - and the reality of the speed at which you produce things.

    You're talking about character designing here, but for a character design project to meet the criteria, it means modelling a sophisticated Maya character based off a sophisticated 2d 'bible'... I'm yet to see any concrete evidence that you're even interested in taking a character design from 2d into 3d. I'm yet to see any concrete evidence that you're committing to the technical tutorials etc. that have been written specifically to help you understand 'how' to approach modelling a character in 3d. I'm sure Alan would echo my nervousness about seeing you commit to a character design project, when you've shown little sign in 2 years of respecting the process it necessitates.

    I'm not doubting your creativity, Bob - nor am I suggesting that transcribing a character from a piece of music is a no-no - I'm just asking you to face up to the kind of student you've been - and the kind of results you've racked up so far. And yes - your style is a straight-jacket and Alan and I would love to see you move beyond it, so you have our support in this respect.

    The next post I want to see from you is the one when you take a cold, hard stare at your current abilities. What you dream of making doesn't reflect what you're capable of producing in cg. I suggest you start thinking about what the transcription project needs to teach you if your third year is going to be a success.

    You need to wake up, Bob - and fast.

  2. Hey Phil! Sorry if it sounded like the opening was a dig, I just wasnt sure wether anyone had seen my previous post in general.

    Sadly, I am more than fully aware at the lack of maya that I've posted this year, and in general. It's furstrating, because I want to change that so much, It's true, for some reason I was almost scared of it last year, probably because it was something I was new to, at the same time not as good as other people, and genreally putting it off becuase of that.

    However, I've changed my attitude this year quite alot, going full steam into the narrative project, and I truly believe it's becuase I havent got maya at home that I have fallen behind, the reason being because of my computer being crap, and not having the money to sort it out....which is going to be the first thing I'm going to do in the next weeks...

    I don't particularly like making excuses, and I know I've been letting myself down alot when it comes maya in particular, but I just really want to move past this and get on with it....I'd really appreciate having a meeting with either yourself or alan about my current progress on the course and talking it over at some point either this week or the next if your available? I just think I need to speak about these things in person.

  3. Admire the taking responsibility Bob, in truth you remind me of myself and the shit I had to go through on the course with myself. Of course not having a Maya capable computer is really not good, and it's something that needs to be resolved - if possible. I really hope it is.

    I think everything Phil said was right, you have a lot of potential there, you just have to use it. I'd love to see you rise up and face Maya head-on. I'd definately advise getting a meeting going with Phil or Alan, or even both if they are available; and get this all under control man. I Want to see you kill it!

  4. What I don't understand Bob is what you're doing while everyone else is working on Maya at home? For instance, you left your Postmodernism essay to the last minute (which you needn't have done), and it's not as if your blog is bulging with somekind of contingent workflow. I'm not running you down, Bob - I honestly think that you're your own worst enemy: I see students like you every year (for years) - they always want to talk, and they take a lot of time, and I always positively reinforce their strengths - BUT, this is what I believe - an individual defines themselves by their actions alone; an individual can believe something about themselves, an individual can say things about themselves, but it's only through their actions that their characters are ultimately proven; therefore, I'd suggest, regardless of the money aspect, if you wanted Maya at home, you'd have Maya at home. If you wanted to be great at modelling characters, you'd be great at modelling characters. If you were truly working as hard as humanly possible to realise your dreams, you'd be at Uni from 8 in the morning, to 8 in the evening. You'd use your blog - and the group blog - to acquire help and salve blindspots - you'd participate with Alan in a proactive way. I'd suggest the time for talking about 'what Bob needs to succeed' is officially OVER, because Bob knows what he needs to succeed, and it is to make up for lost time and missed opportunities.

    You suggest you've been working hard on your narrative project: I won't dispute this, but there are many students working much harder than you, and I encourage you to look to their example, because what they're doing with their time and energy and ambition is what you need to be doing - and that's all that Alan or myself would tell you in a meeting.

    You need standing up to, Bob - not indulging. You're lazier than you think - and you need to own up to that finally. Your potential is boundless, but your tutors are running out of constructive ways to motivate you.

    If you want that meeting, I'm sure Alan and I would be available next week. I advise you to bring something fresh to the table...

  5. Hi Bob, I typed a rather long post on your previous post but internet explorer bugged out on me as I sent it.Much of it phil has gone into greater and more eloquent depth than I did so I won't re-iterate what he has already covered. I appreciate that what Phil is saying may seem harsh and it is natural to go on the defensive, however, I feel that doing so is one of the things that is stopping you from progressing in a positive direction.

    To succeed in character design you have to push yourself further because it is such a specialised field. Jon will back me up on this. you cannot rely on narrative per-se to hide short-cuts or flaws.

    I am in on Wednesday and can also make myself available for a couple of hours Tuesday, we can either elaborate on any conversations that you have had with Phil and Alan or discuss the pipeline and associated commitment that you are going to have to make.