Sunday, 16 January 2011

Transcription (Music/Character) Idea's Part II

So after the last few comments I received on my idea's to do with music and characters, I still feel adamant that this is where I want to be going with the transcription project, obviously taking aboard what was said, which I do completely agree with, But I know this project will be a turning point for me.

I feel quite strongly about using 'Nature Boy' as my source material for this project, especially since having a long conversation with Simon about the possibilities, and how it seems to be 'less' bob in terms of style etc...something I want to steer away from in this project to grow...however, there are still a few songs I feel could contend with Mr Bowie...

Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drum
A Perfect Circle

This particular song I feel instantly creates the sense of opposing forces clashing, and marching. The sound carries a very instrumental dark undertone, with melodic/angry singing accompanied by inaudible shouting and sexual groans. With the heavy sound effects kicking in halfway through the song, as the other ones that were introduced, simultaneously in particular the as well as the low buzz of flies (sometimes associated with darker forces). Taking this into account, I really feel the sense of a chaotic mass, and given the title of the song, and lyrics, I can imagine a character who commands a group of people in a war/fight scenario. In that respect he would have a higher status above normal people, i.e general, war chief. This character and his people I feel should have a 'tribal' aesthetic solider like technology, solider like. The character himself would be dark natured and of evil origin, possibly in a trance or under the control of a some sort of demon that has possessed the tribal.


This song embodies a very sexually dark tone both in it's lyrics, and sound. The effects in the song, obviously computer generated and related to industrial genre, carry across to simmilar imagery, i.e mechanical and sythentic. With strong lyrics such as 'syntheic ectasy when her legs are open' and female moans throughout the background of the song, doesn't leave alot to the imagination how that can be interpretated. However, this could possibly work to my advantage my leading me in a strong direction from the start. With this in mind, it was a pretty straight foward thing to imagine a character realting to the music and sound. In a nutshell, I imagine a sort of bio-mechanical/android/synthetic female linked up to a computer mainframe of sorts, and controls/watch's over a futuristic utopian facility, that has been forgotten/abandoned. The facility  farms humans in cryostasis in order to timelessly study their souls/personality/dreams to find what makes human tick. However as time has past, the character has developed the ability to re-inact certain human emotions/actions after studying them, and releases an indvidual from time to time to share these with. It's slightly broad at the moment I know, but I think it has potentatil to be quite horrific/gothic/sexual

I think right now, these is as far as I will go in terms of choosing a song to work from. I could go on and on, but all my idea's will begin to sound quite simmilar. Comments to help refrain me from myseld would be gladly welcomes haha :)

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