Saturday, 29 January 2011

Transcription (Mythology/Character) Idea's Part III

Ok, so having a few  thorough conversations with Phil over the past weeks considering what direction I should go in with my transcription, and what I want this project to do for me in terms of progression, I decided to ditch the idea of transcribing a song into a character, which was a hard choice for me because I was quite adamant that was the direction I was going with, but after some hard truths, it was clear that in order for me to succeed in this project, I will need to have a strong start to kick off from, without trying to define things and losing myself in the world of 'Bob'

So it was obvious in order to do this, a text based influence was a good choice, as all the information pre-determined and ready to transcribe into my own version. However, over the last few months style has been a big issue for me, so after having a conversation with Phil about this also, it was decided that going in a direction which interests me, but at the same time is foreign to what I currently know, allowing me to grow as an artist

Considering all of this, I felt Mythology was possibly my best choice, because most contains a rich amount of visual and text based description, in which the depictions vary allowing me to add my own artistic license, and expanding upon different areas, taking some elements more 'literal' than others. On top of this depending what origin the mythology has, the style of that particular part of the world visual reference, and artwork will help me ground my character into reality.

My next few steps in this direction will consist of gathering broad, and basic information on mythology as a whole, and then depicting various types of mythology to focus onto, narrowing down my research, and hopefully having three various types of mythological characters for Tuesday ....on top of this re-adjusting my pipeline to fit the change of topic.

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  1. Bob! There is ALWAYS too much text on your blog... I think this is another way in which you feel productive - while not being productive. There is no content in this post, and nothing to get yours (or anyones) creative juices flowing. You need to put influence maps together - however provisional - your tutorials and blog posts MUST be defined by visual ideas and your own drawings - especially this! Remember what I said about you spending a day drawing. I know you're going to get some stuff ready for tuesday, but your blog is a visual creative space, so keep it that way...