Friday, 28 January 2011

The Woman In Black,

A week ago after the massive Transcription hand in, I decided to go to London with my Girlfriend to watch a theatre production that we had only heard good things about, but not actually knowing what the story was about, which was quite an interesting element, as well as was both me and my girlfriends first time watching a 'Play' and not a 'Musical', which was quite a nice well as getting away from a computer screen.

After hearing rumours of how terrifying this play was, I found it very hard to believe sitting in what at first appeared to be a very small theatre 'Fortune Theatre, Russel Street' as well as hearing there were only two actors in the cast, but somehow the intimacy of the theatre, drew us in to the rich narrative. We were sat right at the very top, so we had an overhead shot of the stage, which was actually quite comfortable to watch from surprisingly, and the actors always kept the height in mind whilst playing their parts and facing the audience...

The way the in which the actors draw the audience in, allows them to disregard both cast and theatre size through very clever narrative techniques, such as manipulating our imagination by making us actually imagine the scenes and characters ourselves. Alongside this the use of lighting and sound (which the play clearly portrays as diagetic due to the narrative) plays a huge part in conveying what information isn't there on the stage adding to the atmosphere.

The stage itself has very little, with minimal amounts of props that double up in uses throughout the play, but has some suprising layers to the set. The play makes this plausible because of it's start which focusing on an elderly man, wanting to tell his horrific tale to the world, asks a young performer for help, however he suggests instead of reciting his story and boring his audience, they decide to act it out.

The story then progresses as they switch between the retelling of the past events, and the stage setting where they are practising, Without wanting to give to much away, there are a few chilling twists and turns in the performance, which will literally make you jump, but I feel it really is a must see to simply experience how very little is needed in terms of props and special effects to put a fright into you.


  1. So - BOB - great to see you playing around with texturing. That's very exciting. BUT - it's time to start committing to a subject or two. Get your top three ideas posted on here before Monday.

  2. yup, will do, that's the plan for the weekend :)