Monday, 21 February 2011

Alchemy Aztec Shape Creation Cracked! after a few days here and there trying to explore the possibility of applying my traced Aztec Shapes into Alchemy as another randomising method, I finally.....was able to crack the technique behind inputting the files into the software :)...after several trial and errors :(

Here's literally a brief example of the technique in progress:

Scaling through the Internet and combining techniques and file locations, here's the method that I came up with:

Clean up>Black & White>Export Image>Ilustrator>Scale to Page>Live Trace>Expand>Crtl + 8 (Ungroup)>Export as PDF 1.4>Place into Pullshapes Folder

Although I need to adapt my orginal PSD File so it generates less dots & noise, it generates a pretty effective image :)


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