Sunday, 27 February 2011

Alchemy Aztec Silhouette Shapes

After developing the technique eventually to input my Aztec shapes into Alchemy, I finally got the chance to use it. Looking at my 1st Development Stage results as reference/influence, I tried to follow a simmilar vein infusing the Aztec Art Style into my figures further.

The main themes I wanted to portray most when thinking back to TEZCATLIPOCA's descriptions, were Strength, Agility, Regal, Neutral & Beauty. As you can see, a majority of these figures have exaggerated fists/arms to convey strength/creation.....and a slender body to appear less 'brutish'. I also tried to balance out the 'rule of 3' technique, making one area big, one medium, and one small to stabilise the proportions.

My next move, will be to start finalising my results, by cutting and cropping elements I find to translate TEZCATLIPOCA appropriately and effectively, hopefully coming to a conclusion of 3 Silhouette's to choose from, so I can begin greying in details. I feel as thought my experimental stage is coming to an end, however in terms of texturing, there is plenty ahead.


  1. Hey Bob - great stuff here - and I don't want to clip your exploratory wings, but you need to allocate yourself LOTS of time to make this thing in Maya - and not just 'make' it - but ace it; therefore, I suggest - strongly - that you've got a finished design by the beginning of week 6 - or, I fear, you simply won't have enough time to go through the inevitable hardships and crises of confidence that await you (and successes and growth spurts that also await you). You need to speed up, Bob. Your decision day deadline is a week today - if not earlier, Go do it.

  2. hey phil - yes! I was starting to get a little paranoid about time earlier, I feel i've oversepnt mysefl too much trying new things, however sucessful they've been, but I'm actually hoping to get that down and cornerd this week. Any suggestions on which peices are working well?