Sunday, 13 February 2011

Alchemy Raw Silhouette Tests

After some time getting to grips with the alchemy interface and the drawing tools, I was able to start generating some pretty decent shapes and silhouettes. However, because Alchemy is a tool for 'generating' images, it's clearly used for the first initial sketch/development stages.

Using a selection of tools such as distortion/mirror/pull-shapes/speed-shapes I was able to create some of these images, I think the most effective being ones that derived from both 'parts/bones' because they create a sense of familiarity, at the same time reflecting aesthetics's such as tribalism and power.

I feel I was able to create quite a variety through randomising and happy accidents, allowing me to break free of more traditional shapes. There are shapes/silhouettes I find quite effective in this selection, however if I were to take some of these further, they would need more development.

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  1. page one, number 5
    page two, number 1 and 8
    page three, number 6 and 7