Saturday, 19 February 2011

Brief Experiment using Aztec Shapes for Silhouette's

Using Aztec art as a direct influence for silhouette's, I blocked in certain shapes from different works onto one layer, and created a board full of singular shapes.


By creating this board, and overlaying certain shapes into silhouette's, It allows the essence of the Aztecs to be easily fused into the basic outline of the character, as well as breaking out of traditional form of human character shapes.

However, I feel like I have been struggling to create an effective silhouette using this method. Here are my first initial attempts.


Feeling the need to randomise and break my style further, after a discussion with Alan, perhaps numbering each initial shape, and putting the said numbers into a draw of the hat, and combining them from this method might help to break this further.

Furthermore, I have been researching a way to possibly input these shapes to Alchemy, however so far this hasn't gone anywhere....I'll continue the search for a decent method :)


  1. Bob - I'm really liking all this 'mixing it up' stuff - and I think it proves that 'ideas' and style are much more fluid than people imagine. Even if these don't go forward to create the physicality of your characters, they'd make great ornamentation on the body, for example. Keep going, Bob! Remember your foundation days - you know, when experimentation was the bit everyone was really interested in... Be bold.

  2. Yeah, I can see your point now Bob, that is that you don't feel them work for you. maybe these wouldn't work as they are for the character design, but there is definetly a strong suggestion of direction.
    For example I'd really develope the first one into something. But that would be my taste.

    And like Phill said, they could serve in texturing or as shapes on armours to be modeled etc.
    really nice :)