Saturday, 12 February 2011

First Character Sketch/Silhouettes

Here's a variety of character silhouettes I knocked up Wednesday, I've only really been able to scan/edit them. I was experimenting primarily with shapes, trying to create an interesting mixture whilst keeping in mind several things, such as the description of my character from the extracts, as well as how I want my character to be portrayed.

Here is my first initial sketch of my character, I wanted to portray the sense of strength and integrate the fact the character is a creator, by accentuating the size of his hands, and also exaggerate the body shapes in the process. However the shape, although huge in width, still follows along the lines of human anatomy too closely.

Using Alan's method of tracing and being generally inspired my Aztec Art shapes, I created this silhouette. I was able to integrate the proportioned fists from the nostrils, and the bridge acted as a 'regal' crown/headdress, and teeth/mouth as a seat of sorts for the floating mass.

Taking inspiration from that silhouette, I developed it further into more of an athletic figure, whilst still retaining the upper body proportions but adapting them to a more 'atheltic' physique. I extended the bottom area into hind legs, a description in the extracts. I feel this particular shape is possible the best out of that day, and carries the most potential.

Another example from an Aztec piece of art, using a simmilar area, nose/mouth of a mask.

The image on the right is the sketch/silhouette that was born from this method. I particularly love the upper body strength shown, also not appearing as 'brute' and 'thuggish' as others. The shape above the head section also carries a 'royal' aesthetic, and the image as a whole feels very 'Aztec' in itself.  The image on the left was just a sketch,

On top of these, are are some quickfire silhouettes using a felt pen, inspired by Aztec art as a whole, as well as my shape research.

I feel the most effective shapes were ones derived directly from Aztec Artwork, so I will adopt this technique further. I will also experiment with the program 'Alchemy' to generate some images to work from :)


  1. Ahh, you beast ! :D Hope you choose the right one to develope, as it looks liek you really have a variety to choose from. You know which one is my fav :)

  2. very nice Bob, i think the bottom row 2nd from the right is good

  3. My vote goes to... bottom right/bottom left

  4. that that the furthest each side haha...I think I may number them next time!