Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Post Alan Discussion: TEZCATLIPOCA - Mythological Game Structure

Prior to my talk with Alan, I was quite confused in which character to transcribe from the two I intially chose, as well as which direction to follow (Game or Film). I felt somewhat more drawn both descriptively and visually to the Aztec Diety TEZCATLIPOCA, deciding to chase this character futher, however only having descriptions of the character, and no defined story which was detailed enough to transcribe.

Alan suggested perhaps applying just one story featuring this character to a 'GOD-GAME' i.e, Sims, Black & White, Populus, and then using the descripitons to build the character within the narrative of the game, also taking aboard the worlds where-in these games feature as influence.

A lightbulb switched on suddenly as he said this, as it was the perfect way I could trancribe the 'inner character' of TEZCATLIPOCA shown in the descritpions, as he's 'Trickster' attribute would fit like a glove into this scenario.

My next steps with this project will consist of research a suitable legend with this Diety, research God Games, and create 3 Types of Influence Maps, each narrowed into TEZCATLIPOCA reference, Aztec Art, and some added style reference.

Besides that, here is a really nice CG Adapation of the god TEZCATLIPOCA, inspired by Giger, and Created by 'Hunter''s his link:

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