Saturday, 12 February 2011

TEZCATLIPOCA - Fine Tuning the Character V.1

After having a few days of freeing up by creating silhouettes, sketch's and basic shapes to get some creative output, I feel as though in order to take some of these further and start defining more of TEZCATLIPOCA in my designs, I will need to revisit my first initial post on the character, and extract descriptions, whilst developing a Character Bio from this information, as well as adding my own artistic license, to use as reference.

■Character Name/Alias: TEZCATLIPOCA/The Black
■Birth Date: N/A
■Height: N/A
■Weight: N/A
■Hair Color: Black
■Hair Length: Long/Warrior
■Eye Color: N/A
■Worshipers: Aztecs, Warriors, Thieves, Rulers
■God Of: War, Night/Darkness, Temptation, Wind, Sorcery, Beauty, Discord/Deceit
■Weapons: Sword, Shield, 4 Arrows (To Punish The Sins Of Man) Obsidian Smoking Mirror
■Accessories: 20 Gold Bells, Headdress/Mask, Jewellery/Ornaments/Decorative
■Tattoos: Black Stripe/Face
■Related Forms: Jaguar, Ashes, Shrouded Corpse, Headless Man/Empty Chest, Magician, Serpent

■General Appearance: TEZCATLIPOCA The Black appears in his original form as a beautiful, handsome deity, his mere presence emitting a sense of royal divinity. with a warrior-like physique conveying his unprecedented strength and sorcery. Alongside the Deity's Goliath sized hands to create, he remains constantly prepared for battle with sword and shield at the ready, and to deal justice to man with the 4 arrows of Judgement, seen always in his right hand and the black, smoking obsidian mirror which renders enemies obsolete, residing at the centre of his chest. Resembling the image of man, and idolized by the Aztecs, TEZCATLIPOCA can be seen wearing the gifts and ornaments of his followers, such as he's fabled mosiac mask/headdress highlighting his mysterious and unreadable striped eyes, along with the 20 bells that cover each of his ankles. Whilst his original form conveys a human resemblance, some of his other shape-shifting forms can be seen in his make-up.

■Key Family/Relatives:  Ometecuhtli/Father and Omecihuatl/Mother, Quetzalcoatl/Twin
■Relationship with Friends: N/A
■Key Friends: N/A
■Key Enemies: Quetzalcoatl The White
■Skills: Creation, Sorcery, Elemental, Conflict, Shape shifting, Temptation,
■Bad Habits/Vices: N/A
■Quirks: N/A
■Best Qualities: N/A
■Worst Qualities: N/A
■Key Experiences: N/A
■Personal Goals/Aspirations: Gaining followers/worshipers and growing powerful from this by making his existence known to humanity by performing tasks to to strike fear/please towards humans, Tezactlipoca (the Black) competes against his twin Quetzalcoatl (the White) to receive the throne of their Father/Mother to the Kingdom of the Gods, and reign as the Almighty Creation Deity.
■Morality/Ethics: Punishing evil and rewarding goodness, he tests men's minds with temptations, rather than trying to lead them into wickedness
■Other Important Details:N/A

This is my first draft of defining my character at this minuite, as there are still design aspects and artistic decisions to be made. The use of 'N/A' is primarily becuase I havent quite figured these area's out yet. Obviously as I progress aspects will change/evolve.

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