Saturday, 5 March 2011

TEZCATLIPOCA Development Stage 2

Ok, so Im starting to run a little short on time in terms of Pre-production, but whilst juggling the rest of the 'nitty gritty' context, here is the final 3 development stages of my TEZCATLIPOCA Characters, and a development progress sheet

Development Progress

Final 3 Silhouette's

As you can see, I clearly decided to settle on the exaggerated hands/strength, but tried to also relate to a human form in a sense, whilst giving space to clearly show that the figure is not 'enitrely human'. I wanted the sense of height to exaggerated also, however perhaps a through a scaling technique I could convey this further. The rule of three has played a big part in taking these to the next level, and I've particularly felt conscious about portraying the 'regalness' and 'intelligence' of the character to be quite high, by developing more sophisticated headdresses.

My next steps will be to quickly merge successful aspects of all three silhouettes into one final figure, to push out the rest of the pre-production stage. Time is of the esscence here.


  1. Personally - the design offering up the greatest exaggeration is the one that seems most 'characterful' - I gravitate towards the first design - but there's something a bit comical about its lower body - and something very generic now about its head - what about the headdress shapes that seemed to be working well on some of the previous designs?

  2. thanks phil, yes I think the first shows the most exaggeration in character, but the second feels more fluid and porportioned in some sense. I think the answer is in these 3 images, however it's just a case of trial and error from here on. I did struggle with the legs actually, I couldnt quite capture the same seriousness as the upper body, at the same time making the legs feel as thought the could support the weight of the arms.

    In regards to the headress, I do feel as though I've left some 'Aztec' aesthetic behind now that you mention it, so I think I'll need to revist that particular subject :)

  3. First one is still my favourite also Bob. Completely agree with Phil, you need to move on now mate, not much production time left. Start filling out the shapes and forms with detail.