Tuesday, 15 March 2011

TEZCATLIPOCA - Dual Mask/Evil Design

In regards to my final modelled piece, I wanted to portray TEZCALIPOCA in his Negative Karma state, so I began designing this piece first. In his neutral state, he will remain mask less, and in the positive, attain another styled mask. In terms of development and theorising how my 'game' will play out, I will put together some initial designs for the 'Positive' mask, however will not follow the design through into finished stage, leaving it as a more 'suggestive' theme.

Here is the design pipeline for the 'Negative' Karma Mask.

I wanted the elongate points of the the face and sharpened the edges to represent the bad element, as well as deteriorate the edges to give the shape a more 'organic' feel. The centre slit will be where the character will be given sight, which added a sinister touch. Finally to combine both the 'stripe' across the face in the characters bio, and the depictions from Aztec art of TEZCATLIPOCA, I added Mosaic squares textures across the face.


  1. Hi Bob,

    Take a look at Zack's (Third year) work...


  2. hey Bob - come on, mate; if you're not building this character by now you're going to bring about the inevitable result... let's see some Maya-centric activity on here please.