Sunday, 6 March 2011

TEZCATLIPOCA - Epilogue & Synopsis

Transcribing TEZCATLIPOCA from legends was a tricky subject to begin with, as there were many that had subtle differences between them. However, in order to avoid missing any vital information, I managed to combine them fluently. Keeping the context of my transcription in mind, I needed to allow a certain amount of artistic direction so I could adapt the subject into a game narrative. Putting an Epilogue together describing 'Pre-Game' events, allowed me to not only gain an overall knowledge of where my game is heading theoretical speaking, but also help me build more of a context for my character.

Beginning Epilogue

  • From the sky, Tezcatlpoca & Quetzalcoatl looked down on the earth and from the realm of the gods saw only water.
  • The twins, in line of the high throne, were tasked with creation (once enemies) and so joined forces to create the world, to appease their kin in the Aztec Pantheon
  • Ascending to the Earths watery surface, they found an Earth Monster, which consumed everything they created. Tezacatlipoca using his foot as bait captured the beast and began distorting her limbs to create the world.
  • Her head & shoulders the mountains of Earth, her hair the grass, trees and flowers, her eyes the caves, fountains and wells, hills and valleys from her nose, and the rivers from her mouth.
  • Creating the Human Race was the missing link, and with their powers combined, this was possible, so they did so.
  • Pleased, their kin rewarded the twins with higher power, however to succeed the throne, the twins were tasked further to allow 52 god years to pass in order for their creations to grow and last.
  • On earth, civilisations blossomed, grew and evolved, however they did not recognise who created them. This angered the twin gods and caused a rift between the two.
  • Challenging their kin in outrage, the twins fought for their throne. Disappointed in the twins, the Pantheon banished the two to the earths surface, on the condition that only the successor of the throne could break the seal and ascend to the throne.
  • One the Earths surface, the twins fought trying to defeat one another, until the last words of the pantheon spoke to the pair, stating that their resolved would be found in human worship.
  • Parting ways, the twins went on a journey to acquire new power through the gift of human worship, and prepare for the battle of the pantheon.


Build.Create.Worship.Destroy. Carve your way through history as you take up the gauntlet of the gods against your twin brother Quetzalcoatl, returning to the Earths surface and manipulating it as your battleground.Win the human race as your pawns, expand and evolve your existence. Your path, your choice. Craft the road you wish to take, and the sacrifices you wish to make, strike fear into your followers, or adhere to their needs, in the race to prove yourself and ascend to the throne as high-god in the battle for the Aztec Pantheon.

I wanted to keep the synopsis short and sweet, without giving too much away and over clogging the text in comparison the the back story. I did imagine this as a piece that would be located on the back of a Game Case, however I'm not sure if this is too little in regards to plot and game play...

Suggestions welcome :)

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