Monday, 14 March 2011

TEZCATLIPOCA - Fill Figure Re-Work

After taking on some advice from Jon Stewart about some anatomy issues, in regards to the legs, waist and hands, I came to a comprimise by adjusting and adding more muscle definition in places that were lacking support, as well as taking away from places that became over bulked.

It does feel recently that with one step foward it's two steps back, but I guess this is part of learning, however it's putting be behind greatly, so I need to step up my pace more from now on.


  1. you also need to draw this from another angle pronto, Bob - time to turn it around - because more issues will reveal themselves to you the moment that you do.

  2. Was impressed by it when Richard showed it to me today :)
    Though I also saw John's corrections. We were discussing with Richard, maybe you should consider some of the shape adjustment? only if you wanted to perhaps balance out a bit the figure .

  3. Bob!!!! - can you do the Student Survey? You're one of the few still on the 'naughty step' :D

    you need to go here and log in:

    They will have sent your password etc. to your ucreative account. Your inbox will be full of round-robins etc., so do a 'subject' search for the 'student survey' and you should find a relatively recent email re. your login details: complete the survey and then leave a 'done it' post on the original post:

    The deadline for completing the survey is 25th March - so not long.

    Much obliged!