Monday, 7 March 2011

TEZCATLIPOCA - Final Figure Development

After some serious trial and error, tenious amounts of tweaking, and doubling back to the research stages, I finally reached a happy stage with my character. I feel this form carries the best parts of my development and conveys the nature/narrative/context of TEZCATLIPOCA in my transcription.

I focused primarily on the upeer body strength, emphasising the 'creation/warrior' attribute,as well as detailing the head area to show 'high status' conveying the 'Aztec/God' aspect. Proportioning the head to the size of the arms was an important element, making sure the character didnt appear brutish in contrast to intelligence.

Reaching this position and creating a more dynamic character in terms of shapes was possible by intergrating the 'Aztec' style of art through different techniques, that were overall infused into the figure grounding the character into it's original context. Adapting the original source into a game, whilst considering the audience and creating narrative/ dynamics from this, I took the intial feel of shapes, and adhered to how my character would be conveyed through these, amounting at this time as a neutral character.

To ground my character further into the aztec world, I will need to develop not only the detail/texures of his look, but also accessories which will also enhance the 'game' element. I feel these will be my finalizing steps in the Pre-Production.

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