Wednesday, 9 March 2011


After a quick discussion with Alan about my characters form, there seemed to be something not quite working about the proportion of the leg/foot area. Before hand I was happy/ready to go full steam into finishing the design, however this will be the last time I re-visit the figure of the character, I can't afford any more time in this area.

Original Version

New Version

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  1. Yes - the new version looks better - but see link below - if you were to turn your character to the side - and imagine long feathers curving in a kind of 'Alien' Giger curve (so not out to the side do much, but swept back and really luxurious) - I'm not talking loads and loads, but you might also have some to continue the lines of his arms too; I think it would lend your character some additional 'power'...

    and if you haven't seen this movie yet - you should see it tonight!