Monday, 14 March 2011


After taking some time out to catch up on tutorials, and tidbits involving TEZCATLIPOCA'S Accessory design, I felt it was time to get back into gear and crack on with this character as quick as possible. In order the break the silhouette up and understand my figure properly, instead of cutting into the silhouette directly, I drew an outline of the character's body, and painted within the lines I felt if I was to go in straight away with detail, I would make the same mistake as my previous character design brief, where the form didn't work as well.

I left the hand and feet un-painted, as these well contain high amounts of detail, as well as shape adjustments. This has made the process of adding armour much easier, and allows me to place it appropriately

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  1. Bob, I hope you don't mind, but here's a red line on the anatomy problems I see here. Despite you going for some extreme over the top proportions, anatomy rules should be followed. I think it helps his over all silhoeutte too. I hope it helps.