Monday, 28 March 2011

TEZCATLIPOCA - Turnaround's and Orthographs Update

I've spent a considerable amount of time trying to perfect and flesh out the armour from the silhouette, perhaps too long, aware of my own style creep and still trying to adhere to the Aztec style, and the gaming audience, a delicate balance. I've made some subtle changes to the figure that I felt wasn't working properly, such as the hands and feet. Trying to find references and proportions  that matched the side profile was a nightmare, so I gathered a variety of different muscle structures, mostly bodybuildres to gain the sense of strength and power, and spliced them together in a montage/matte painitng effect to gain the desired proportions. There are some sections of the design that I couldn't quite get to match perfectly in the orthographs, but I can more than easily read between the lines, I feel I know this character like the back of my hand now.

I wanted to at least make something of this project that I have improved on and feel proud of, and I really honestly think I've took this character to the next level in terms of my own character designs, and digital painting.

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