Monday, 18 April 2011

Transcription/Character Design: TEZCATLIPOCA Evaluation

After a week or so of leaving the project to rest, I feel more clear headed to write up a review of how I felt personally this project went for me. Here are some final shots of the Finished Project in mid-turnaround, however untextured due to lack of time towards the end, an issue I will come back to at another point.

This project I feel was successful in a number of ways for me. Firstly, I felt I really gained a better understanding of not only creating a character, and utilising methods we learnt previously in our last character project. Alongside this, being able to 'transcribe' a character effectively from a source, and use the style of the source to break away from my own 'Straight-Jacket' style, using many different methods I developed.

The biggest development from this project for me was translate my 2D designs from Photoshop, to a 3D turnaround in Maya. After shying away from the software for so long, I decided to bite the bullet and just simply get on with it, and although it took many hours, and I didn't quite get to finish the texturing, I learnt more in the last 2-3 weeks being on the job, then I ever had in terms of modelling, especially in terms of games modelling, with poly count expendeture being vital.

I feel this is a new chapter for me in the course, especially in terms of Maya, as I managed to get a majority of tutorials done also, which helped push my confidence even further. Over the next few weeks, I feel in order to prepare myself for the next project, as well as next year, I will need to brush up on some old tutorials such as ones I missed previouslu, and ones im not too familiar with using including rigging and skinning.

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  1. you need to finish this character, Bob - get on with it - get on with the texturing and the lighting - these are skills you need an authentic experience of too. Don't let the energy leave your hands; pick it back up and finish this project to your own satisfaction. Doing so will be it's own reward.