Thursday, 28 April 2011

Unit 10: Model & Metaphors - The Sting

Moving swiftly onto my next project after transcription, by receiving our briefing yesterday, I've decided the first step would be to break down the brief itself, and beginning to branch out my research from this.

Without saying to much after a warning from both Phil and Alan about possible competition, here is a round up of what is expected from the 5 week project.

Creative Design Project

For this five week project you are asked to produce a commercial ‘sting’ for
submission to the current 2011 competition. The ‘sting’ will
need to fulfil the following course requirements also;

· The 'Sting' must contain a CG component.
· It must be 10 seconds in length (Competition Requirement).
· It must be based upon one of the competition audio ‘Sound Beds’
· The piece ‘must’ contain the company logo (Competition Requirement).


· A completed 10 second 'Sting' in a suitable movie file format.
· An up to date blog detailing your progress throughout the project.
· A .PDF version of your blog submitted on disk
· Completion of all technical tutorials.
· A ‘making of’ book detailing the development of the creative & technical aspects of the project
· Preparation for the submission of your competition entry.

In a similar vein to the submission details, there are restrictions, and rules to abide by:

· Nothing too explicit, grim, sexual or violent in the daytime, however it can be naughty, irreverent or provocative after watershed to a degree
· The Entry must be submitted online by 4pm, Friday 1st July 2011, in either of the following formats: WMV, MOV, MPG, 3GP, MP4, MPEG, and be no bigger than 20MB

Keeping this in mind, I'll begin to brainstorm some directions to head in, as well as researching some old and new stings, keeping in mind the audience e4 entertains, and there overall style.

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