Saturday, 7 May 2011

Animate & Create

Whilst working for Animate & Create during the Easter holidays, me and a few classmates were commissioned to help out in the some exercises involving animating with more a traditional media, using photography and plasticine, we were able to help younger kids interested in following animation as a career path, to create stop-motion animation shorts advertisement absurd products. It was very rewarding, and a huge learning experience when helping 16-17 year old's to achieve a finalised product, which they presented to a board of 'Dragons' who judged there work, giving them feedback on how effective there pieces were.

Please check out what these guys are doing as well as their workshops, they have some amazing stop-motion and mixed media work of their own.

Here's a great example of the work the produce, a recently finished peice as part of an Easter 2011 send out :)

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