Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dynamics 3: Rigid & Soft Bodies

I decided after seeing the suprisingly long list of dynamic tutorials I had missed, I'd power through all of them at once. I found this particular strain of dynamics quite interesting, and useful in a variety of ways, in particular the nCloth ones.

Active/Passive Bodies:
Stand In Object (Chain Links)

Hinge & Spring Constraints (Catapult)

Nail Constraint (Newtons Cradle)

Pin Constraint (Earring)
Had some problems with this tutorial in regards to missing geomettry, will fix this when I get the chance

Soft Bodies:


Snow Step

Water Ripple

Again, I had some problems with geometry going crazy after the collision of the foot with geometry, so I need to sort that also


Flags; nCloth, Collider & Nucleus

Netting; Indirect Transformation

Bouncy Castle

Rope Bridge; Transform Constraints


Balloon; Custom Presets & Component to Components

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