Saturday, 7 May 2011

Models & Metaphors: The Old and The New

I feel after taking some time into really understanding the target audience, and tonality of E4 as a whole, the next stage into research would be in fact to touch upon some of the existing 'Stings', to gain developed idea of what sort of aesthetics I should head for, as well as helping to divert away from past idea's to create something new and unique, being very wary of snapping existing idea's from them.

Here's a selection of 'Stings' I felt were very successful from the official site:


Addicted To Light

Bird Likes Pop

Dizzy Dave

And here's a few random collections compiled together:

As you can see there's a consistent element of fun and laughs, some cute while others are quite causal, which is portrayed by simplistic deliverance of every short. The 10 second time frame seems to do a great job in complimenting the tonality, and encapsulating the target audience very effectively.

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