Sunday, 22 May 2011

'The Sting' Character Reference Influence Map

Ok, so just a quick updater here, seeing as I haven't posted anything in regards to my project for a while, reason being I had placed it on hold whilst doing some maya work, as I was still very unsure in what direction to take it. However, this has been remedied now, and I feel I have a very solid idea, which incorporates much of the research I conducted into the company, and it's audience. Without giving to much away, it's quite a turn from my original idea, which consisted of my soft toy character's racing each other, whilst there thread unravels leading to an aerial view of the track, and revealing the e4 sign.

Instead of this, I've taken a more simplified and fun approach which involves the 'voodoo style' of my character more. This will include my nods to African tribal roots, as well as grounding it in modern day society, by combining elements of different cultures that have similarities. Whilst scouting through YouTube looking for funny/crazy/stupid stunts, a lead Alan suggested to make my animation of 'Anarchic', I stumbled upon Parkour/Free Running Street Dancing & Brazilian Capoeira, which are both amazing and fun, and feel to me very nostalgic to movements seen in tribal Africa dance as/rituals in a sense. So with a combination of these different elements I want to create a scenario where these will be grounded in unison, which I can imagine to be extremely cute.

Looking at these area's for character reference, here's a selection of images I put together for research.

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