Saturday, 7 May 2011

'The Sting' Material & Intro Research

After taking some time to understand E4 on a background level, I can begin to craft some idea's that fit the companies aesthtics. However to take this further and intergrate E4 as a entity into my idea's better, researching into some of the intro's of shows they air, will help me understand E4's tonality and direction on a more visual and pratical level.

Brittish Programmes Broadcasted by E4

Skins (Comedy Drama)
The Inbetweeners (Comedy)

Misfits (Supernatural Comedy Drama)
PhoneShop (Comedy)
School of Comedy
Hollyoaks (soap)
Shameless (Comedy Drama)

Imported Programmes Broadcasted by E4

One Tree Hill (Drama)
90210 (Teen Drama)

Desperate Housewives (Comedy Drama)
Smallville (Superhero Drama)
The Cleveland Show (Animated Comedy)
How I Met Your Mother (Sit-Com)
The Big Bang Theory (Sit-Com)
Being Erica (Comedy Drama)
Life Unexpected (Drama)
Make It or Break It (Teen Drama)
Friends (Sit-Com)Ceasing October 2011, Moving to Comedy Central (UK)
Gilmore Girls (Comedy Drama)
Samantha Who (Sit-Com)
Scrubs (Sit-Com)
Veronica Mars (Drama)

As you can see, a huge variety of the programmes mentioned above revolve around

teenagers and the comedic values that are apart of everyday life. Here are some visual examples of the shows through there intro's:



How I Met Your Mother:

The Inbetweeners:

A quick example how lighthearted and fun the intro's seem to be both visually, and musically. The relationship between the two convey the target audeinces nature effectively, setting an example of what the programme usually consists of in terms of tonality. This will be a key element to keep in mind when thinking about idea's and audeince in relation to the imagery used, and the 'soundbeds' supplied.

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