Monday, 9 May 2011

'The Sting' Raw Alchemy Character Board

Here's a mixture of different characters I created using Alchemy's Mirror/Shape tool. I found it was very effective to create rounded forms that weren't necessarily anatomically correct, and in that respect great way to escape my natural instinct to do so, a technique I found very useful in my Transcription project.

Following my Influence Map, I wanted to further convey the Cute/Creepy element, that follows the vein of my idea. Although I actually stated what my idea is on my blog yet, the basic shapes and style of the characters will remain the same if any changes are needed, as the stated theme will be the more important aspect of this, complimenting the nature of the company and it's target audience.

There's a high possibility that there will be a 'number' of character's involved in my actual piece, and in regards to the actual character design, my next step will be to discuss possible developments and routes for my idea to grow into. This will allow me to take my designs into the next stage and save any time wasted on correcting them.

Sticking to this idea, my next direction for my character, will be to find a balance between the most effective elements of each character,and combine them into select few, whilst blocking in more asymmetry and texture.

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