Monday, 13 June 2011

'The Sting' Swamp Concept Art Complete

Finally finished what I feel acts as a good concept for my Short. I spent probably more time then I should of in the final stages of this piece, and still could of spent more fine tuning it further, adding more detail, and highlights to the piece, but as concepts go it does the job fine.

I wasn't trying to create anything 'epic', hence the straight on angle, more somthing that portrayed my storyboard more effectively, along with lighting and colour, and possibly adaptable for backdropping into a scene.

Friday, 10 June 2011

'The Sting Mood Board & Swamp Concept Progress

Here's a Mood Board I put together for this piece, as reference for when I texture etc. It ranges from earth colours, to more vibrant ones, to sampled from both my influence maps to infuse the two together, African & Dolls. I also included textures to give an example of what materials I want to create for my scene, and character, ranging from natural 'wood-like' ones to more hand made 'fabric' textures.

As well as this, here's my progress with my swap concept. I reached a good point with the depth now, perhaps needs a bit more touching up, to create more of an atmosphere, a nice fog effect would do the trick to break up the tree's slightly more. More foliage is needed to break the scene up, such as vines etc, and I'll begin to place more narrative objects that will reflect the ritualistic scenario, such as the needles.

Not to sure how I'm going to colour this just yet, haven't quite  got round to learning how to colour gray-scaled paintings

'The Sting' Swamp Concept Art Progress

Here's just a quick progress stage of scene for the character, after watching The Brother's Quay animation, I decided to go for a fully textured world. I chose a swamp as the scene, because I wanted it to still be portrayed as creepy, in contrast to my character, as well as carry across the 'Voddoo Doll/Ritual' element that can found in my style direction.

I'll be adding some foliage, and trees around next the decking next, taking this further by adding some shadows, and overlaying textures to finish it off.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

'The Sting' Storyboarding

I decided it was time to get to storyboarding, something I should have done along time ago on this project, but I have a habit of putting things of I'm not very familiar with, so he's my attempt at trying to put down the sequence of shots that describe the events in my animation.


Hopefully this gives a clear idea of what my animation will consist of, and the story behind it. My next steps, will be to put together a piece of concept art to provide as a basis for modelling, as well as the mood of the setting, moving onto a pre-vis.


I decided to have another crack at the storyboard straight after publishing it, I feel this possibly would feel alot easier on the viewer in terms of camera shots and transitions.

Edited Version:

Opinions would be great :)

'The Sting' Character Expression Sheets

After doing some research into character sheets which have various different types of expressions, I attempted to apply some of them to my own character. I tried to relate the expressions to ones the character will be experience in my animation, acting as a reference of sorts. Considering animating these facial expressions, I will probably try to use Blend Shapes, as the separate facial details will move easier that way.

I found doing this slightly tricky at first, trying to maintain the characteristics I created in the initial design, as well as keep the 'cuteness' as an overall style, but I feel I eventually reached it :)

The Quay Brothers

After having a chat with Alan about where I wanted to take my new scenario for my character, he suggested to take another look at some of the creepy animation of 'The Brother's Quay', and embrace my style further rather than water it down to be more 'normal'.

Here's a short example of the type of work these two create:

Some really interesting, dark imagery used here in this instance. Remembering what Alan first mentioned to me in this project about re-creating a stop-motion feel, by taking out every other frame, this could be another aspect to consider when trying to add the creepy element further.

Whilst thinking of the scene surrounding my character in this short, I was thinking perhaps white negative space could possibly work, however after watching this, I feel the need to create a 'world of sorts', filled with rich texture supporting the style.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Models & Metaphors: 'The Sting' Overview

So after dreadful crit, where it was obvious I was going to have to redo this one again, I decided to let the dust settle until I received my grade. I really lost my way in this project, I think this is because my lack of technical skill held me back in regards to time based media.

I feel as though from the transcription project and tutorials, my modelling skill has risen to a point of comfort, because I addressed this issue, however it's clear for the 3rd year, more issues need to be solved, I do feel I'm on my way to doing so, but down to bad time management and lack of profession, I let myself down.

On that note, I will take this referral as an opportunity to take this project to an end, and submit something I am fully happy with. Alongside this, my plans for the summer will include developing my maya skills for next year, as well as taking my transcription project and reworking it to an end, so I have some show reel work. I will also need to develop speed in Photoshop and designing, as this is where I spend a majority of my project time.

Here are some development stages that I reached in my project.

Now I will be creating a more simple scenario to place my character, drawing up a storyboard, and pre-vis first hand, whilst reworking alot of the texturing, and details. next I will attempt to learn rigging and skinning properly, revising some older tutorials before moving onto my character.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hi-Res Igor Body Model Tutorial Part 2

Ok, so I've carried on working on the High-Res Body for Igor, which has taken some time, I felt the most tricky parts carrying on from where I left off, were both the kneecap, and also the calf muscle, as it involved complex vertice movement, and was hard to pin-point the right place to put them. I'm glad I got to finish this tutorial fully, and I feel I can bank modelling as a skill, though through my projects, a lot of work is needed. I plan to keep pushing it further over the summer.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Match-moving 1: Motion tracking Static Match

This is as far as I reached with the match-moving tutorials, as I spent a majority on dynamics and modelling.

Hi-Res Igor Body Model Tutorial Part 1

For the deadline, I never quite got round to finishing the body of Igor in high-Res, but here's the point I reached. I found it a lot quicker than the head in places, though when working with the 'abs', it was quite difficult.

I'll be continuing this still to ensure I gain the right knowledge for next year :)