Monday, 6 June 2011

Models & Metaphors: 'The Sting' Overview

So after dreadful crit, where it was obvious I was going to have to redo this one again, I decided to let the dust settle until I received my grade. I really lost my way in this project, I think this is because my lack of technical skill held me back in regards to time based media.

I feel as though from the transcription project and tutorials, my modelling skill has risen to a point of comfort, because I addressed this issue, however it's clear for the 3rd year, more issues need to be solved, I do feel I'm on my way to doing so, but down to bad time management and lack of profession, I let myself down.

On that note, I will take this referral as an opportunity to take this project to an end, and submit something I am fully happy with. Alongside this, my plans for the summer will include developing my maya skills for next year, as well as taking my transcription project and reworking it to an end, so I have some show reel work. I will also need to develop speed in Photoshop and designing, as this is where I spend a majority of my project time.

Here are some development stages that I reached in my project.

Now I will be creating a more simple scenario to place my character, drawing up a storyboard, and pre-vis first hand, whilst reworking alot of the texturing, and details. next I will attempt to learn rigging and skinning properly, revising some older tutorials before moving onto my character.

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