Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Quay Brothers

After having a chat with Alan about where I wanted to take my new scenario for my character, he suggested to take another look at some of the creepy animation of 'The Brother's Quay', and embrace my style further rather than water it down to be more 'normal'.

Here's a short example of the type of work these two create:

Some really interesting, dark imagery used here in this instance. Remembering what Alan first mentioned to me in this project about re-creating a stop-motion feel, by taking out every other frame, this could be another aspect to consider when trying to add the creepy element further.

Whilst thinking of the scene surrounding my character in this short, I was thinking perhaps white negative space could possibly work, however after watching this, I feel the need to create a 'world of sorts', filled with rich texture supporting the style.

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