Friday, 10 June 2011

'The Sting Mood Board & Swamp Concept Progress

Here's a Mood Board I put together for this piece, as reference for when I texture etc. It ranges from earth colours, to more vibrant ones, to sampled from both my influence maps to infuse the two together, African & Dolls. I also included textures to give an example of what materials I want to create for my scene, and character, ranging from natural 'wood-like' ones to more hand made 'fabric' textures.

As well as this, here's my progress with my swap concept. I reached a good point with the depth now, perhaps needs a bit more touching up, to create more of an atmosphere, a nice fog effect would do the trick to break up the tree's slightly more. More foliage is needed to break the scene up, such as vines etc, and I'll begin to place more narrative objects that will reflect the ritualistic scenario, such as the needles.

Not to sure how I'm going to colour this just yet, haven't quite  got round to learning how to colour gray-scaled paintings

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