Thursday, 9 June 2011

'The Sting' Storyboarding

I decided it was time to get to storyboarding, something I should have done along time ago on this project, but I have a habit of putting things of I'm not very familiar with, so he's my attempt at trying to put down the sequence of shots that describe the events in my animation.


Hopefully this gives a clear idea of what my animation will consist of, and the story behind it. My next steps, will be to put together a piece of concept art to provide as a basis for modelling, as well as the mood of the setting, moving onto a pre-vis.


I decided to have another crack at the storyboard straight after publishing it, I feel this possibly would feel alot easier on the viewer in terms of camera shots and transitions.

Edited Version:

Opinions would be great :)

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  1. Hey Bob - it seems to me that you're pretty good at whatever you choose to put your hand to... Your storyboard communicates effectively...