Monday, 11 July 2011

Recent Updates - Plans For the Summer

So after submitting my e4 project again, I was pretty happy with what I achieved, and learnt....although not all went to plan in the final moments before submission, with all my renders done a simple bit of composting at uni turned into a nightmare, as the computers decided they didn't want my work, and crashed numerous amounts of times, which was so frustrating because I had it all :/

I think with this occasion, I've learnt my lesson not to try and utilize every last minute to make my work better, which is I think my worst habit in this course, instead make sure whatever I have is rendered/composited by at least the day before...

Here is my 'Making Of':

The Sting - Making Of

And some renders from the animation

That aside, I did mange to get a pass, which was a relief but it clearly isn't good enough for my third year.I'm still not happy with what I've submitted however, and I have grown a fondness to what I've already created, so I intend to improve it somewhat, and jump over and hurdles I faced before submission.

The plan for doing so is:

Re-Texture 'Stingy' & E4 Heart
Animate E4 via Blendshapes
Animate Water via Blendshapes
Re-Render With AO Pass & Masked Water 
Tweak Camera Angles/Movement
Composite and Edit in Post

In terms of working with animation with my actual character. This is an element I feel I could pursue elsewhere for the time being, as this project for me was more about developing skills in environment, lighting, texturing and above all, atmosphere. I really think although this is only for an E4 Sting, that it has more potential to become perhaps an animated short in the right hands, so a revisit might be on the board at some point.

As a result, my aim for this summer after finishing up some of the work on the E4 Sting, is to try and build more skills in maya, as well as speed up my digital painitng skills and pipelines. I also want to develop some knowledge of Mudbox, both texturing and modelling, to see if my pipeline can be improved further.

This is going to be done by revisiting my Transcription Project, and applying game texturing techniques, mixed with my developed skills at present. Next, I want to finally challenge rigging and get that down for third year, as this is a vital skill I've not really had time with. Addressing some of the geometry in my character is a must, as it seems to be quite intensive for a game character. I feel some concept art is in the works for this character also.

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