Friday, 12 August 2011

Calavera (Mexican Sugar Skull) Portraiture Idea/Influence Map

I feel this is defiantly a theme I want to chase. I want to dedicate this piece to someone who I feel very strongly about. Although they aren't dead, they have departed from my life, so this will be a celebration of life, honour, and memories with them in remembrance. Recalling aspects that remind me of them will be the key aspect in the design in order to create a deep, emotional connection.

This piece I feel will  give me the strength to overcome that issue in my life, staying true to the nature of tattooing as a form of visual/ritualistic therapy, and maybe....hopefully, one day they will return to me.... :)
Here is an influence map full of reference that will help bring together a better idea of the direction and style im going for :)

Some beautiful colours and design wrapped into that Map, makes me really excited to start straight away. However, after my last painting 'Epitaph', not using a standard pose as reference was my Achilles heel, and was painful to try and fix. So I will try my best to find the perfect pose to use as a base to work and change from.

I want this piece to take a clear step away from the rest of my 'Biro Series' both creatively and visually. I feel those works although visual achievements for me on there own, still lack a human element. Expression is the way to bring a lick of life to my paintings, something I've learned this year through various character design projects.

Sketch Time :)

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