Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer Update 1: Rendering Issues - Geometry Expenditure

Evening Blogosphere! It's been a while since my last post, so I felt like an big update was in order :)

So it seems I've finally reached the limit my current poor baby can handle in terms of rendering. After days of trying adding and changing elements in my scene to make it fuller, it appears i may have gone a bit too overboard and reached my limit on this computer, as it simply will not render anything without the lovely term 'FATAL ERROR' and something to do with 'HEAP SIZE FLUSHING' making an appearance.

After creating the leafless vine geometry, and importing it into Maya, I duped a few trees and messed around with the composition slightly to make it appear more fuller as well as adjusting the seam between the water and the backdrop so it blends in almost perfectly.I also took in to consideration perhaps creating alpha's with a vine texture to go between the tree's, which would need to be in a closer proximity to one another.

I think these two changes is what pushed the rendering overboard, as I have alot of finicky details elsewhere, however it's frustrating as with my scene, I can't utilize alpha's to portray bigger pieces of geometry as effective due to everything passing everything in shot, which would lead it to just disappear after a certain distance and be noticeable. It's frustrating because a wanted to put a certain amount of detail into this piece, but I'll obviously have to sacrifice some elements now.

I really think I've reached a point, where I cant grow any more from this scene in terms of technical/creativity, and my current computer setup. It's stunting my progress so much, with each render taking more than 6 mins a frame, it's wasting other opportunities to develop skills. The reason why I stuck with this so much, is because the fact I haven't really taken anything in the course to a finished level, and I felt with this piece I could no only do it, but do it well. All that's left to complete are:

Water Animation
Vine Alpha's *Possibly not needed*
Spec Maps 'Possibly not needed'
Final Camera Movement
Ambient Occlusion 
Batch Renders
After Effects

So, after a few months playing around in my spare time, and hours of frustrating trial and errors, I managed to reach this far in the environment. Due to rendering issues, I've had to render different geometry out separately, but managed to edit and compile the renders into one final image in Photoshop.

Final Renders

Photoshop Edit for possible After Effect's

I'm pretty pleased with the results so far, although I do think with the time spent on this, it has creatively drained me. I do feel when I get the chance to finish it, it'll be show-reel worthy, however again I need to prioritise my time and address more issues for next year....

I have a really short time limit now to fit in as much work as I can, because I move away from Chatham on Tuesday to Gravesend with my parents until my next house is all sorted, so that will not only eat up a lot of time, but also be an inconvenience possibly because I'll be kipping on the couch, so there's not really anywhere for my computer to be hahah, such is the student life! But, in that respect, could be the push i need to crack on and get some work out now with a deadline Post-2nd year agenda list is as follows:

Finish Swamp Environment
Sketching new Ideas 
Painting Portraits
Concept Art/Digital Painting
Rigging Tutorials
Experiment in Mudbox
Brainstorming for Minor Project
Update Deviantart/Facebook

Update Blog :
New Template Design
Update with new/Old work in created tabs
Banner Update
Animated Ident
Logo/Business Cards

Re-visit Transcription/Tezcatlipoca:
Create Concept Art
Create Weapons, Accessories
Address Re-Modelling, Texturing in Mudbox
Create Turnaround of Old Model/New Model

So not alot really? all honesty, this a high probability a lot of these wont get done in time for 3rd yeah, however aiming to do so will help me a lot to prepare for next year with less than a month to go.


  1. Bob - just wanted to say how much I like some of these renders - I like the design, the composition, the palette... I want your third year to be a roaring success - an honest one too. Put in the time, revisit mistakes, take on new skills, and have a great time... Keep it up :)

  2. Chuck Norris jokes? Really Bob? You just lost a lot of respect mate.