Friday, 16 September 2011

3rd Year: Minor Project Transcription Idea

Since before the holidays, I've been mulling a possible project involving transcribing a piece of music for some time. This can be seen from the idea's stage of the Transcription project, where I was actually going for that direction until I was advised otherwise. However I still feel there were some strong idea's to come out of several of the idea's inspired from a select few songs.

One of those that has become deeply rooted in my mind since, is my idea for the song by Celldweller known as 'Frozen'. Here's what I had proposed at the time, with slightly more detail.

This song embodies a very sexually dark tone both in it's lyrics, and sound. The effects in the song are obviously computer generated and related to industrial genre, carry across to simmilar imagery, i.e mechanical and sythentic. With strong lyrics such as 'syntheic ectasy when her legs are open' and female moaning throughout the background of the song, doesn't leave alot to the imagination how that can be interpreted.
However, this could possibly work to my advantage my leading me in a strong direction from the start. 
With this in mind, it was a pretty straight foward thing to imagine a character realting to the music and sound.  

In a nutshell, I imagine a sort of bio-mechanical/android/synthetic female character in the role of 'Queen A.I' linked up to a computer mainframe of sorts, and controls/watch's over a futuristic cryogenic facility, that has been lost to time becoming forgotten and desolate. The facility has farmed humans in cryostasis in order to timelessly study their souls/personality/dreams to find what makes a human tick.

The Queen however as time has past, has developed the ability to re-inact certain human emotions/actions after studying the human data for so long. At one moment, a human male awakes prematurely from his permanent stasis, disoriented he begins to stumble through the now distressed facility. Curious the 'Queen A.I'   watches the human as he makes his way through the facility, and begins to toy with the Male, until she eventually confronts him face to face, in an almost sexual manner as he almost escapes. This is just the general idea. and the end is still up for development as it reaches no conclusion. 

Preparing for Monday as the official first day back at uni, I pitched the idea to Phil a few days back so I could have some idea of to have ready, as well as getting the green light to take this idea further, as I do tend to spend too long in the idea's stage. Phil suggested firstly, due to copyrighting, and use of songs in animation, perhaps transcribing this piece could become troublesome, even as a starting point not being able to have it in the final piece could lose the transcribing element, and throw my inspiration off somewhat.

However, noting that I had already arrived at a strong, dark, sexual female character developed theoretically, Phil suggested I should try to research old myths, legends, folklore surrounding female demons, monsters, spirits that could possibly fit my character or scenario, taking a particular character and story, and mix mashing it with a futuristic setting to create something new and fresh, which I feel is possible the best idea for now. Hopefully I can find a good character and story surrounding it to transcribe and combine into what I've already pieced together :)

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