Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Branding and Design: Blog Overhaul

I've been feeling for a while that my Blog wasnt really feeling up to scratch. It lacked interest, design and professionalism, that is a pivotal part of capturing a viewers interest long enough to read/see the work I've been producing. This grows ever more important in the 3rd year, reaching the moment we begin to use our Blog's as a direct way to advertise our progression and potential in the industry.

Using the rest of what time is left of the holidays I decided to challenge this now, along with addressing branding myself as an individual, which I have found very difficult in previous projects, summing myself up into a logo/ident.

Already having 'Alpha/Omega' as a blog name, I took this further and decided to use it as a Producing Brand. Researching into symbolisms old and new was an integral part of defining myself, as I wanted something to symbolise change, my studio name but also be very fresh and usable in a variety of ways.

Here's some insight into what my logo embodies:

Alpha and Omega: The Beginning and The End, The First and the Last
The Symbolisms Of Triangles: Past, Present, Future, Number 3, Creativity,
The Symbolisms Of Circles: Unity, Wholeness, Focus
The Symbolisms Of  The Number 3: Creativity, Versatility, Success, Past, Present, Future

Gathering basic research on the deeper meanings of symbolisms, these particular ones stood out to me, and it's clear to say 'Change' is a particular element i want to incorporate into my design.

Here are some developmental ideas and designs:

As you can see, the inner circle representing the 'Omega' Symbol, contacting the Triangle which represents 'Alpha', combines the Circle/Triangle theory, as well as combining my brand name. The added Sunburst design was an influence from both 'The All Seeing Eye' (representing enlightenment) and the 'Art Deco' style. I believe my design is simple and versatile enough to be used in many different genre's/instances.

Logo Variations:

Here you can see different ways and style i could utilize my design, for instance, the blue rayed logo could be used for a more 'Sci-Fi' based piece, as opposed to the rustic version which could be used in a 'Post-Apocolyptic' styled piece

Final Logo Design:

Here is the Standard version I intend to use as a basic Neutral representation of Alpha Omega Productions

Taking the branding further, I put together some Business cards that will prove useful for later opportunities when trying to get my details out to the public/industry links

Business Cards:

I feel these work very efficiently, and im proud to say quite professional. Although I can imagine the description changing somewhat towards the end of year, as well as more contact details.

I put together some poster/advertising pieces that initially started off as quick banner concepts

I think these work well as Marketing Pieces, that can be uploaded and posted on various sites. Taking these ideas further, I decided to go full steam into making a creative banner for my Blog. I took influence from my previous banner, with the rustic texture, however thought more about integrating it into my Blog design more. Here are some various steps I took to reach the final design, I think each of these could work as separate Banners, however I felt the final one was the most interesting, and eye-catching :)

Banner Progression:

After dealing with all the nitty gritty stuff that is expected in regards to presenting yourself professionally, I feel as though I can start a fresh, like a new clean slate is on the horizon. As a nice little touch th the Blog, I also created a Favicon (an image that represents your website in the tab/address bar) based off my logo design, so it stands out more.

My final step in completely branding myself will be to create a short Ident that will go before my Animations, however I feel it should vary depending on the genre of the piece, so some thought will go into this in the mean time while I prepare for my Minor Project.


  1. Love it, Bob :D

    However - don't get caught up in branding at the expense of content; go find yourself an 'anchor'



    Get started - I want an anchor by Monday - seriously,

  2. will do phil, thanks for the links, I'll give them a search :D