Thursday, 27 October 2011

Alchemy Trial: Importing Images

Ok, so after a few spare hours tonight preparing for the long haul in Pre-Production, I thought I'd get a head start and see if there was a way to import images into Alchemy. This could really push my costumes designs one step further, when working with silhouettes and poses as templates, in a similar technique to fashion illustrators.

After a some disappointing hours of searching, theorizing and a few trail and errors however.....boom:

Just a quick example of what the technique could be capable of in future idea's when I've finalised and prepared a few things, but as you can see....pretty effective. Using this technique also, you can draw shapes on top, and clear, still having the background image remaining.....Perfect template tool in this instance :D NICE FOR ME! 

Hopefully I can help others use this method, if wanting to dodge the research bullet, so I'll pop down the method:

Save image as PDF 1.4 in Illustrator>Load as Sessional PDF in Alchemy 

(May Cause Problems, if so save as Sessional PDF in Alchemy, Close/Open Alchemy then Load Saved Alchemy Session)

Hope this helps anyone who thinks this could be a good investment in their project work :)

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