Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Alchemy: Insect Brush Results

Whilst waiting to watch some precious films that will hopefully help me pull together the last remaining parts of my Character's profile, Back story and influences, I decided to chase the 'Sexual Cannibalism' route and put together a set of brushes based off the Insects that take part in consuming their male counterpart in Sexual Intercourse/Reproduction.


Here's the process once more for those who might find it useful for future efforts:

Clean up>Black & White>Export Image>Ilustrator>Scale to Page>Live Trace>Expand>Crtl + 8 (Ungroup)>Export as PDF 1.4>Place into Pullshapes Folder

Alchemy Insect Pull Shapes

As you can see the brushes of the silhouettes are certainly identifiable, so using them produced some great results. I feel doing this at an early stage of the project helped me get some idea's out that a may have waited to do a lot later, and lost, which in turn has also helped me to visualize and decide what sort of direction I want to go in at an early stage.

These are clearly not designs but rather 'sketch's' to help my creative process.

Arranged by roughly the order I created each one in, there is a clear progression between 'Part 1', and 'Part 2'. In the first part, I was placing shapes down without seeing any real definition of a body, or even a face. After a few more attempts a began to pick out certain elements and elaborate more on certain shapes, high-ligting and shading with tools Alchemy, mixing other brushes in, such as Mech parts and Tech lines, and even using some colour, which is a first.

I began to see more facial shapes whilst using the brushes more than anything else when reaching the 2nd Part. I think in my personal reflection I came out with some amazing results I didn't expect, nodding back to the first time I used this technique in my 'Tezcatlipoca' Aztec Project. 

As I mentioned before, these merely serve as getting some creative tensions out, as well as exploring possible routes, ways to utilize different style approaches out of my comfort zone and doubling up to infuse 'Sexual Cannibalism' into the process. After showing Alan, he suggested once finalizing all of my characters backstory, to start using predatory spinal shapes to build my character from, enhancing the underlying nature of my character further.


  1. Bob - god, some of these are absolutely beautiful! So elegant - very excited to see these. On the second sheet, the second drawing, top row, in from the left just stares out at me, and the last drawing on the top row is arresting too.

    On the top sheet, bottom row, 4 and 6 really pop.

    What an exciting, transformative post - but it would be great if you could number your designs, so feedback could be quicker and the risk of confusion diminished.

  2. oh - and the presentation is great - very professional and instantly engaging. Well done. You need to smash this minor project, Bob! :D